Robot Technology

    Smart Navigation

    Our random cutting pattern, passage sense and remote starting points combine to allow the EasiLife to always maintain a perfectly cut lawn. No matter the shape, size or complexity.

    Random Cutting Pattern

    Random Cutting

    Our random cutting path means that not only is the entire lawn covered and cut, but it does not cut the grass in the same direction over and over like a robot cutting in lines would. This therefore means there is much less chance of the grass being brushed over and flattened, leaving your lawn with a more uniform cut and finish.

    Passage Sense

    PassageSense is a special mowing pattern that allows the mower to cut and navigate through narrow passages with ease.

    Paasage Sense
    Cuts over edge

    Cuts over Edge

    Our random cutting path allows the EasiLife to overlap the boundary wire to get as close to edges as possible. No robot mower is able to cut 100% of edges, however the overlap distance for can be modified in our EasiLife app to try get as close as possible.

    The EasiLife does not need to circle the boundary like edge cut models do; meaning no unsightly track marks are left around the edges.

    Remote Starting Points

    For complete coverage of even the most complex shaped gardens and lawns. This function allows you to control how far the product drives along the guide wire from the charging station before it starts operating. This allows the mower to intelligently find its way to harder to reach parts of the lawn and maintain before it begins to cut. You can set multiple start points and choose when the mower cuts there. This ensures a perfect cut quality across the whole lawn.

    If the charging station is put in a small space area, for example between flower beds, set the starting point where the distance to the boundary wire is minimum 60 cm / 2 ft. 

    A) Starting point

    B) Minimum distance 60 cm / 2 ft (perpendicular to the guide wire).

    Remote starting points

    Adaptive Mowing

    Lawn Sense


    LawnSense automatically adjust the cutting time to the growth of the grass. If the weather has been particularly good growing conditions and the grass is growing faster than usual, EasiLife will automatically sense this and increase it's mowing schedule to suit. Conversely, if the grass has hardly grown at all, EasiLife will reduce its cutting time accordingly.

    Frost Sense

    The grass is extra sensitive to wear if the yard is covered with frost. If the FrostSense is activated, the product is not allowed to start to cut the grass if the temperature is below 5° C / 41° F. 

    Frost Sense
    Cuts in the rain

    Cuts in the rain

    British weather is unpredictable, so EasiLife cuts in the rain. Thanks to it's precision razor blades, only small amounts of grass are cut at once- meaning the grass doesn't clump and leave a mess when wet, as a traditional mower would.

    Safety Technology

    Lift Sensors

    Lift, tilt and collision sensor technology ensure blades stop spinning when lifted and guides the mower away from obstacles.

    Lift Sensors
    Collision sensors

    Collision Sensors

    For non-permanent fixtures, collision sensors allow for the EasiLife mower to gently bump into an object, stop and turn away. Leaving no damage / impact.

    Pin Protection

    A security pin prevents unwanted access to the mower controls.

    Pin Protection

    EasiLife App

    Our EasiLife App offers the user more mower control functionality than before. Compatible with all EasiLife models. With intuitive control at your fingertips, our app provides FREE access to additional features and fully customisable scheduling options giving you added flexibility, direct from your smartphone.

    Set up is easy in three simple steps:

    Robotic App

    What can it do?

    The intuitive app allows you to access your robot even when you're not at home using our 'live status' feature. You can also edit mowing schedules, play or pause mowing, park the mower and even programme advanced cutting options.

    Robotic App

    Robotic App

    Added flexibility

    The EasiLife App is packed with other functions that make using your robot remotely straight forward.

    Setting a schedule

    Setting your cutting schedule couldn't be easier. You simply select which days you'd like your robot to cut; select a start and end time and save our settings. You can actually have a different schedule for each day to fit around you.

    Robotic App

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