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Five Benefits of a Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Cordless battery hedge trimmers have considerable benefits over their petrol or corded counterparts. Unlike a petrol hedge trimmer, battery hedge trimmer models are quieter and lighter – making them easy to use and manoeuvre. A cordless hedge trimmer means you can easily reach every hedge of your garden, no matter the size.

1. Cordless Freedom

The obvious benefit of a cordless hedge trimmer is the freedom they offer. Cordless hedge trimmers like the 18V EasiCut 450 are powered using 1 x 18V battery, providing you with the freedom to roam around your garden without trailing cables.

If you’ve ever found your cable snagging or have accidentally cut through a cable, a cordless hedge trimmer is for you. Removing the necessity for a cord or extension lead means they’re perfect for large gardens, and gardeners who like to form their hedges into intricate shapes..

2. Extremely lightweight and easy to use

With the additional fuel to carry, petrol hedge trimmers are usually quite heavy – making garden work more labour intensive. A battery powered hedge trimmer is lighter and is well balanced; giving you freedom of effortless movement, all the while possessing the modern Flymo technology. This makes reaching up and around tall or large hedges much less strenuous.

These tools give you the flexibility to effortlessly move around your garden, making trimming both quick and efficient. Note that cordless hedge trimmers won’t vibrate as intensely as a petrol model.

They’re far more comfortable to use over an extended period, keeping gardening enjoyable and stopping it from becoming so tiring.


3. Quiet Operation

Our cordless products are also much quieter, meaning you are working in a more pleasant environment while maintaining your hedges. In most cases, this removes the need to wear ear protectors during operation. In a large garden, noise pollution may not be such a problem, but in smaller gardens surrounded by lots of neighbours, a quieter model will be welcomed by those around you.

Products such as the Flymo 18V UltraCut 500's sound pressure level at the operator's ear is 67 dB(A), which is roughly the volume of a conversation 3 feet away, making it far quieter than many other electric and petrol products.

4. Interchangeable & Replacement Batteries

Flymo’s cordless product range is part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE. This means that you can use the battery from your grass trimmer in your hedge trimmer of the same voltage.

You can also buy additional spare batteries if needed. This helps increase the run/cut time of your hedge trimmer as you can have one on charge when using the other. For a large garden with lots of hedges, this is an ideal solution.

5. The 18V UltraCut Reach 420 Cordless' extendable reach

The 18V UltraCut Reach 420 is the most exciting Flymo cordless hedge trimmer yet. It comes with a lightweight and extendable handle, meaning a reach extension of 3 metres while standing safely on the ground.

With the ability to reach the top of hedges without having to use ladders or bend down low to cut awkward areas, the UltraCut Reach promotes safety above all else. Without a need for ladders, risk is minimised while maintaining efficiency.