A beautiful lawn, without lifting a finger.

Choosing how you spend your time is one of life’s pleasures. For many people time spent cutting the lawn is a necessary chore. Time that could be better spent doing things you enjoy with those you love.

Our range of robotic lawn mowers have been created with this in mind. With straight forward installation and intuitive set up, our robotic lawn mowers are packed with cutting edge technology and clever features, for an effortlessly beautiful lawn.


Isn't it time you had an EasiLife?

effortless lawn care

Effortless lawn care, with beautiful results

Let our robotic mower cuts your lawn, creating beautiful results, effortlessly. For that beautifully manicured lawn, without you having to lift a finger!

quality lawn 11

A quality lawn, that doesn't cost time

Time can't be stopped, so spend it wisely. Let our EasiLife mower expertly take great care of the lawn for you.