flymo easistore lawnmower, for a lush lawn

Easi Does It

Experience cordless freedom with the Flymo Easi range

For nearly 60 years, Flymo has been creating innovative gardening tools to help make life that little bit easier. We understand that life doesn’t always go to plan; guests on their way, or little ones who want to play,  what about a hedge that feels like a mountain to trim. No problem: bring it on - whatever you throw at the Flymo Easi range, it can handle it.


                                                               Easi Does It-  sit back, relax, and enjoy the results.

A lush lawn in no time at all...

Dreaming of a lawn perfect for a quick kick-about, or maybe stripes that will turn the neighbours heads? Flymo has the lawnmower for you.

Flymo’s range of EasiStore lawnmowers can transform your lawn from patch to pitch in seconds.

The cordless EasiStore frees you from the hassle of cords, helping you achieve a lush lawn in a flash.

Super lightweight, easy to use, and with a rear roller for those premier stripes, Flymo has you covered. 

Garage overflowing? Shed full of tools? No worries, the EasiStore range can be folded down, or stored vertically saving you precious storage space.

The Flymo EasiStore lawnmower will give you an effortlessly beautiful, healthy lawn; before it all kicks off.

Discover the EasiStore

Flymo easitrim 230 plus grass trimmer, for neat and tidy edges

For tight spots and tidy edges

Gardens come in all shapes and sizes; and sometimes a lawnmower just can’t make the cut. Don’t stress, Flymo’s EasiTrim 230 plus grass trimmer has the answer.

Designed to give you those picture-perfect lawn edges, and tackle those tight spots with ease, the cordless EasiTrim 230 is super lightweight and comfortable to use thanks to it's height adjustable shaft. 

It even has a tiltable trimmer head for those tricky patches under the trampoline. Neat, right?

Spend less time cutting the lawn, and more time cutting shapes.

Discover the EasiTrim 230 Plus

Flymo EasiStore lawnmower, take your lawn from patch to pitch in seconds

For every hedge and edge

Hedges that feel like a chore? Not anymore.

Hours of meticulous hedge trimming are a thing of the past thanks to the EasiCut 450 hedge trimmer. Flymo, doing as it does best, have designed the EasiCut 450 hedge trimmer to keep hedges neat and tidy, effortlessly.

Its high-quality, precision ground cutting blades give you a healthy hedge that will be sure to turn heads. It’s lightweight, easy-to use and packed with handy safety features, such as the hand guard, to protect your hands from debris and the blade tip protector when working close to the ground.

For fresh trims all round – Easi Does It

Discover the EasiCut 450

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Free up your time in the garden with the Flymo cordless Easi range

Flymo POWER FOR ALL range

Powered by one battery - Easi

The Flymo cordless Easi range is part of the POWER FOR ALL Alliance, one of the largest cross-brand battery systems to power your home and garden tools. All products within the range are powered by the high-quality 18V POWER FOR ALL batteries.

You can use the same batteries in your EasiStore lawnmower across the entire Flymo POWER FOR ALL range - so you can say goodbye to multiple batteries and chargers getting tangled in the draw, and say hello to an easier battery system. 

free yourself from the garden to-do with flymo

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