Happy Hover Week!

It's hover time! Hover week officially kicks off on the 13th of May, where we celebrate all things hover! Since inventing the revolutionary hover mower nearly 60 years ago, Flymo has made lawn care quicker and easier than ever for thousands of garden owners! Read on to find out about the history of the legendary hover mower!


Back to the future - a history of hover

In 1963, one man had an idea that would change the way people mowed their lawns forever. Flymo's founder,  Karl Dahlman wouldn't just reinvent the wheel, he would discard them all together. Karl was a visionary; who thought "Why push a lawnmower, when you can make it fly?" Inspired by the hovercraft, he revolutionised lawncare; and by 1965 Flymo released the first ever hover mower. 

Fun fact - the first  hover mower was actually blue! But Karl asked the source of wisdom -(housewives of the era) what colour they would like lawnmowers to be - that's when the iconic Flymo orange was born.

Karl created a lawn mower that would glide on a cushion of air, which was completely ground-breaking compared to the heavy, petrol-powered push lawnmowers of the time.

Fast forward nearly 60 years, and Flymo is still shaking up the lawn care game. Each year, we celebrate our hover mower heritage, taking a look back at how far we've soared. With a cheers to Karl Dahlman, the lawncare expert who dared to defy gravity

Flymo EasiGlide hover mower

What makes hover mowers great?

Since 1965, Flymo hover mowers have come a long way. With models that collect and compact grass in grass boxes, and those that take a fine layer of grass off the top of the lawn, putting it back into the soil as a natural fertiliser, there's a hover mower for every garden.

But what makes Flymo hover mowers so unique?

Lightweight and agile - Flymo hover mowers glide on a cushion of air, making them super quick and easy to use. Because of their light weight, they're perfect for gardens with slopes, small hills and awkward shapes.

Minimal assembly - We understand that when people buy a new lawnmower, they want to get it up and running as soon as possible, that's why our hover mowers require minimal assembly, simply attach the handles to the mower and you're good to mow!

Space saving storage - Space in your shed or garage is precious, amongst the tins of paint and garden tools the last thing you want is a lawnmower taking up space- that's why many of our hover mowers can be folded down for vertical storage or even mounted on the wall!

Easy to empty grass box - The collect models of our iconic hover-mowers feature an easy-to-empty top loaded grass box- for less spills and less mess. 

Powerful motor - Our hover mowers feature powerful motors, to help you glide and mow your way to a lush lawn in no time!

1980s Flymo hover mower

Celebrate the iconic hover mower with us!

As the UK's number one hover mower brand, we will be celebrating the mower that made Flymo from the 13th -19th of May ! We love to see gardeners across the nation get a beautifully lush lawn with our hover mowers, so why not join us on Instagram and Facebook and tag us in your hover pics!

Throughout the week, we'll be sharing some great deals with our retail partners; and you might even see some familiar faces getting involved, getting their hover on!

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Happy hovering!