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How To Buy A Cheap Lawn Mower That's Suited To Your Needs

Knowing which lawn mower to buy, and which suits your garden, can most definitely be a challenge - check out our handy guide to help you find the best mower for your needs at a more cost effective price.

Buy a Suitably-Sized Lawn Mower For the Size of Your Garden

The size and shape of your garden are probably the most important aspects in determining the correct lawn mower for your garden. The type of lawn mower is generally down to personal preference as cylinder, rotary and hover mowers are all up to the job.
The shape of your garden should also be considered when selecting a lawn mower. If your garden has slopes or is uneven, it may mean that some machines are unsuitable. Some wheeled lawn mowers may either be too heavy, or do not provide the maneuverability required to get into the difficult spaces of your garden. For this sort of garden, hover mowers would be considered the best choice as they float on a cushion of air, making them lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.

Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Instead of using the power rating as a guide, look at the size of the collection box as this often indicates the size of garden they are built for. If your lawn would never fill the grass box, then it's probably not the right mower for you. 

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Compare Prices Online

When looking to buy your next mower, don't rush to the first shop you see - it's much better to do some research online to help narrow down your options. Usually more information and products are available on the retailers websites than what they can offer in-store. Always do some quick research on the price once you've found a lawn mower you want to buy. Our top two favourite price comparison sites are: 

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is an online price comparison website, and like many others it allows you to search online for products, and compare the prices between different vendors, which makes it easier for you to shop online and compare, all in one place. 

Price Runner

Price Runner is a leading online comparison site, which helps millions of British shoppers save money every day. It holds thousands of product reviews from customers, helping you to decide where is best for you to buy from. PriceRunner has offers from over 1,500 best-loved shops, in high street and online. 

Use the free 'Click and Collect' services

Most of the larger retailers like Argos, offer you a free service called Click and Collect. It means you can shop online and pay as you normally would - but instead of paying a delivery fee, you can collect it from the store whenever you want. Many places offer a free pick up slot, and sometimes you can get it the next day! 

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