What To Consider When Choosing A Battery Lawn Mower

Picking the right lawn mower can be tricky with so many options and styles available. From petrol, electric or battery operated it's important to make the right choice. Here are some pros to choosing a battery powered lawn mower for your garden. 

Reasons to choose a battery lawn mower:


Petrol lawnmowers have a very distinct and often loud sound that isn't often favoured by sleepy neighbours on an early Sunday morning. A battery powered lawn mower however, is often much quieter as it runs off an electric motor. 


The big perk of a battery lawn mower is no annoying cords! While cords may not be a big deal breaker for smaller gardens, a cordless lawn mower gives you much more freedom to move and travel further for larger gardens and awkward access spaces.

A cordless lawn mower also erases the chance of cords getting tangled in bushes or the fear of mowing over the line. 


Storage is a huge pro for battery operated lawn mowers, especially when it comes to Flymo's new POWER FOR ALL RANGE. This range of cordless rotary lawn mowers powered by Bosch Power For All Alliance 18V batteries are a great alternative to petrol powered lawn mowers and some of the best battery powered lawn mowers to buy. 

Their dual level handles can be easily folded down and the lawn mower itself can even be vertically folded for useful storage. The efficient kit means it is easily transportable too. The foldable equipment makes it much easier and more lightweight to keep and gives you extra space for other gardening equipment. 


A battery powered lawn mower runs for around 300 charges on average before it starts to lose its efficiency and may need replacing. This means battery powered lawn mowers tend to last for much longer than petrol before they start needing to be repaired or replaced.

With so many pros, a battery powered lawn mower could be the best investment to make for your garden. 

The kind of garden for a battery mower

Typically a battery mower would be ideal for a lawn the size of an average tennis court. This is roughly 250m2 in total provided it wouldn't have to deal with too much undulation in the ground and the grass isn’t too long each time you cut it. A battery typically would be able to last between 20-30 minutes between charges so anything larger wouldn’t realistically be feasible without a spare battery to swap out mid-way through cutting the grass. As generally petrol powered mowers are more powerful they are the stronger choice for larger gardens.

There are also a number of things in your garden that can affect the efficiency of your battery. If there is a lot of debris from overhanging trees or dramatic undulations in your garden, this will require your mower to work harder which can affect the battery charge.

In addition, long grass can also affect the battery life during mowing. Often with weekly mows throughout the summer months there shouldn't be a problem using a battery powered lawn mower.

Types of Battery

Battery selection is an important consideration when it comes to a battery lawn mower.

Li-Ion batteries have a very high power density (around double the power of NiCd) and a higher power output which means that it provides a better cut your mower. These batteries also need very little maintenance, which is helpful if you are going to have a mower for a long time. The main issue with the Li-Ion batteries is they can deteriorate in charge capacity after a few years.

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