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    Lawn Suitability

    No matter your lawn shape or size. EasiLife can handle it!

    Lawnmowing is best when you
    don't have to do it.

    Every garden is different – some more complex than others – but that is no problem for the EasiLife. Whether you have narrow passages, slopes or obstacles in your garden, the step-by-step installation process is the same. If you have a complex garden, don’t worry; Easilife handles all types of lawns, so you can relax and enjoy your free time.

    Flymo Lawn - Robotic Lawn Mower
    EasiLife charging station

    Charging Station

    By following the guide wire, the EasiLife finds it's way to the station when it needs to charge it batteries. The best location to place the charging station is on a flat surface near a power socket, protected from water spray i.e. a sprinkler, and preferably in the shade.

    Boundary Wire Installation

    Boundary Wire

    The boundary wire should be installed around the edge of your lawn, and around any large objects like trees and hedges. The boundary wire is easily installed either by securing the wire in to the ground with pegs, or burying the wire in the ground. 

    Guide Wire installation

    Guide Wire

    The guide wire is used to tell the EasiLife where the charging station is, also to guide your robot to remote places of your garden, and through narrow passages. The same cable roll is used for both the boundary and guide wires.

    Separate Lawns

    For multiple lawns, we have you covered. It is easy to extend the installation across more than one lawn area. As long as the boundary wire is one continuous loop across the two lawn areas, then one mower can cover both areas.

    Depending on how the lawns are separated there are two options:

    1. For lawn areas that are cut off entirely, i.e front and back lawns or lawns with a raised path between. You will need to carry the mower from one lawn to the other and set it off mowing again.
    2. The EasiLife mower can drive across level paths / driveways to other areas as long as the boundary wire is set up. i.e in the example below, the mower can cross between areas and cut both sides of the lawn.
    flymo robot lawn mower 3d house

    Passage Sense

    Narrow Passages

    All EasiLife mowers have a PassageSense function. This allows the mower to cut through narrow passages (minimum 60cm), and leave them perfectly mowed. Starting at the set distance from the charging station (remote start point) and with the help of the guide wire- the EasiLife will move in a pattern to cover the entire passage width. When the product reaches the end of the narrow passage, the product continues and cuts the lawn as normal.


    Your lawn does not need to be perfectly flat to take advantage of an EasiLife robot mower. Our range has models suitable for slopes of up to 35% (approx. 19 degrees). Low weight, and coupled with powerful wheel motors and a special wheel thread make this possible.


    obstacle in garden masked off by boundary wire


    If your lawn contains obstacles such as trees, flowerbeds / plants, or even non permanent fixtures such as a hot tub or trampoline, you might think your lawn is not suitable for a robotic, but that is not the case!

    For permanent fixtures such as a tree, you can make an island around it with the boundary wire- creating a "no go" zone for the mower. This will protect these items from impact. With flowerbeds, this will prevent the mower from crossing onto them.

    For non permanent fixtures such as a swing set. Our mowers have collision sensors that allow the mower to gently bump into a object, stop and turn away. Leaving no damage or impact.

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