Lawn Care

    Hints and tips on how to get a beautiful green lawn this summer. From tackling common lawn diseases to how to cut the grass properly, Flymo is here to help with easy, practical advice on taking care of your lawn.

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    Why Lawn Care is So Important?

    by flymo-uk

    Having a nicely-kept lawn isn’t simple an expression of vanity; in fact, the benefits from keeping a healthy lawn go well beyond it just looking good, to the extent where your outdoor space can become your own personal haven. Often, it doesn’t take large numbers of backbreaking hours to create a beautiful garden that you can be proud of.

    Managing New-build Gardens

    by flymo-uk

    New build houses often offer limited garden space so it is important to use this space wisely. Planning the layout and keeping design simple are easy ways to manage a new build garden without the hassle of constant maintenance. Focus on one section at a time to make your workload manageable and so you can see progress quickly.

    What To Do With A Frost Covered Lawn?

    by flymo-uk

    Wherever you live, at some point in the year the temperature will drop and your lawn will freeze. When this happens you should avoid walking on your lawn as much as possible. Walking on a frozen lawn can cause the blades of grass to swell and potentially rupture.As the grass blades burst, it damages the cell structure causing the grass to turn grey/black in colour. When the grass is frozen you should also try and avoid mowing the lawn.

    Pet Friendly Lawn Care Advice

    by flymo-uk

    Having a healthy green lawn is something many house proud Brits dream about. We don't ask for much, just a place to relax in the sun, stage summer evening barbeques and a space for kids to play.Many of us also use our gardens as a place for pets to run free, however there are things we must consider when doing this to ensure their safety.

    How To Get A Perfectly Green Lawn

    by flymo-uk

    Growing a perfectly green lawn requires just three things: regular maintenance, regular mowing and fertilisation. These activities need to be done year-round, so it is worth putting your plans on your calendar to get the best results!

    When To Dethatch Your Lawn

    by flymo-uk

    Thatch is an essential part of a healthy lawn. Too much however can prevent sunlight and rain water from reaching new blades of grass, preventing them from growing healthy and green.

    Lawn Care Calendar

    by flymo-uk

    Getting a great looking lawn all year round requires only a little knowledge and a small amount of hard work. See which tips are most relevant for this month below. Also see more in depth articles on jobs in the garden each month here.

    How To Grow Your Lawn: Top Tips

    by flymo-uk

    Growing your own lawn from seed is straightforward once you know the method. In this article, we will take you through the whole process – as well as a wealth of useful hints and tips. Starting with when to grow your seed, we will also cover where is best for a lawn, which tools you will require, how to prepare the soil and take you right through to aftercare procedures.