Jobs to do in the garden

    Getting a great looking lawn and garden is relatively easy. Follow our monthly guides telling you what to do and when, to help you get a garden that your neighbours would be envious of.


    Jobs to do in April

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    Lawn patches

    As the weather gets a little warmer and moisture is still present in the soil, the grass will start growing again. This is the ideal time of year to scarify your lawn, removing any excess thatch and moss.TOP TIPRemember: never remove moss without killing it first. If it’s scarified before its dead, you will spread moss that can regrow across your lawn. Read about our top 7 scarifying tips here.

    Jobs to do in May

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    Lawn Stripes

    By May, everything has started to bloom and increasingly sunnier and warmer days draw us outside. But of course, there is also more to do in the garden, such as keeping weeds at bay. Read on to find out some hints and tips for lawn care in the month of May.

    Jobs to do in March

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    March is usually when the weather begins to get warmer, and your garden starts to spring into life again.


    Jobs to do in July

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    In order to enjoy your garden in July when the hot weather arrives, there are a few jobs to make sure you do first, to make sure it doesn’t look like an overgrown wasteland.

    Jobs to do in June

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    Watering your lawn

    The weather is getting warmer and your garden is in full swing, which means your plants, flowers, and lawn need some extra special attention. Read on to learn about the best jobs to do in your garden in the month of June.

    How To Look After Your Lawn During The Summer

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    Lawn Mower

    The summer is the best time of year to host garden parties, from the classic summer buffet to the fun family BBQ. But with so many activities on the social calendar, your summer lawn care can easily take a back seat until it is too late to recover. In this guide, we will cover all the areas you should keep an eye on from June through to August to make sure that your lawn stays green and lush the whole summer through.


    Jobs to do in October

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    The leaves are starting to fall from the trees - there's lots of work to be done to stay on top of your garden this month. Follow our list of jobs to start preparing your garden for winter.

    Jobs to do in November

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    Fallen Leaves

    November has arrived and the weather is a little wetter and starting to get much colder. Most of the jobs in the garden are preventative actions to help keep your lawn and garden looking neat and tidy. One easy task is to empty your water butts and give them a good clean to ensure all harmful bacteria is killed before they are filled up with winter rain.

    How To Look After Your Lawn During The Autumn

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    In autumn, after the action your lawn sees during summer, your grass might be looking a little worse for wear. However, don’t worry, autumn is the best season to reinvigorate your lawn. The soil is still warm enough to encourage new growth ready for next year, and there are plenty of tools to help you achieve perfection, as we explain in our autumn lawn care guide.

    Jobs to do in September

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    This is possibly the last chance you may get to fertilise your lawn this year. Look to buy a slow releasing fertiliser to help your grass grow throughout the winter. If you have used weed or moss killer recently, check to see whether they contained nitrogen - many do and adding additional fertiliser may actually damage your lawn rather than helping it.


    Jobs to do in January

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    January is a relatively quiet month in the gardening world, as the weather conditions aren’t conjunctive to plant or grass growth.

    Jobs to do in December

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    Christmas is just around the corner and so are the harsh winter frosts. As much as many of us love the snow and the idea of a ‘white Christmas’ your garden doesn’t agree.

    Jobs to do in February

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    February is when you really should start thinking about the lawn again. This is the time to check your tools are prepared and ready for the new year ahead.