Why YOU should invest in a Robotic Lawnmower

    Recently there has been an increase in the popularity of robotic lawn mowers, and it's not difficult to see why! They are a more expensive alternative to the standard lawn mower, which makes you wonder whether robotic lawn mowers are worth it? Should I invest in one? Do the benefits justify the price? And will it really make that much of a difference?


    So, here are some reasons why it is totally worth investing in a Robotic Lawnmower:

    The Convenience

    Once you've set up your lawn's boundaries and preferences, the scheduling wizard for Flymo’s robotic lawn mowers will have you ready to mow in three simple steps. Choose the lawn size, mowing days, and start time, and the mower will calculate the perfect schedule for you! Meaning there is no need for you to keep repeating the same process every other week to keep your grass in its best shape. This also means you have more time to do all the other jobs on your to-do list, or simply sit back and relax while the robotic lawn mower takes care of everything for you. 

    No Clean-up

    Unlike manual lawn mowers, our robotic models require little to no clean-up. There is no reason to consider the charging time, as when needed, our robotic mowers recharges themselves at their charging station. Also those grass trimmings, which you'd typically have to empty after trimming your grass the traditional way, get dispersed back into the ground to act as fertiliser which helps keep your grass healthier and looking lush. 

    The Safety 

    Flymo's robotic lawn mowers are equipped with lift and tilt sensors meaning if the mower is lifted or knocked over, the blades automatically stop spinning. This as well as the large space between the main body and blades, all guarantees more safety for both people and animals. Also, without a cord, there are no issues of cutting through the wire whilst trimming your grass - you don't even need to be in the garden, using the scheduling controls you can be in the comfort of your house whilst the robot does the hard work. 

    The Weather

    Our Flymo robotic lawn mowers are equipped with LawnSense technology; a programme that automatically adapts your cutting schedule to the current weather conditions and how much your lawn has grown in order to get the most from your cut. Not only that, our FrostSense technology recognises when it's too cold for our robotics to work effectively, so they'll stay home instead, preventing any damage to your lawn.

    Flymo EasiLife

    So, it's fair to say our robotic lawn mowers definitely have their advantages. Although they do sit on the pricier end of the scale, if you're a busy person but want that perfect lawn, a robotic lawn mower means one less job on the to do list. It will keep your garden looking manicured and ready for use with minimal effort from you.

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