Jobs to do in April

    Jobs to do in April

    Scarify your lawn

    As the weather gets a little warmer and moisture is still present in the soil, the grass will start growing again. This is the ideal time of year to scarify your lawn, removing any excess thatch and moss.


    Remember: never remove moss without killing it first. If it’s scarified before its dead, you will spread moss that can regrow across your lawn. Read about our top 7 scarifying tips here.

    Sow new seed

    Sow some additional grass seed to any bare patches of the lawn. If you are planning on growing grass in areas of the garden that have lots of shade, consider using a seed specifically designed for this purpose. This is readily available in most good retailers and garden centres.

    Lawn patches

    Patio and decking cleaning

    Its easy to neglect our decking over the winter months when its not in use. Now is the perfect time to clean your patio and decking, getting rid of any areas of moss and debris using a blower/vac and a pressure washer. Ready for having guests over for those summer BBQ's!

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