Fun gardening activities with Kids

    Fun Ideas for Gardening with Kids

    Here are some fun ideas to keep the kids entertained in the garden. Whatever the size of your space, there are plenty of family-friendly activities you can enjoy together to make the most of your garden this summer!

    Colourful pots

    Plant Pot Displays

    Plant pots displays offer an excellent opportunity to get your kids involved in the garden and it all starts with a trip to the garden centre. Get the kids engaged in choosing the flowers and some plant pots to match - check that there are drainage holes in the base of the pot if they are going outside. Before adding the flowers, fill two-thirds of the plant pot with some multi-purpose soil or compost, then take the flowers out of their pot and arrange them into the plant pot. Fill the gaps with a little more soil and press it down gently. Water the flowers and find them a slightly sheltered home with a fair bit of sun, and there you have it. Don't forget to give them a regular watering over summer to keep them growing and blooming.

    From Pot to Plate

    Growing things you eat; whether that's the fruit, vegetables or herbs, it’s a great way to get the kids involved. Low-maintenance plants such as potatoes, tomatoes and strawberries can be easily planted in the garden and then picked, washed, and cooked for dinner. Not only is this great to get your children involved with gardening, but it also helps teach them about where their food comes from. Plus, it might encourage them to eat more fruit and veg if they've grown it themselves!  

    Grow your own fruit and vegetables

    Create a bug hotel

    Building a Bug Hotel

    A bug hotel is an ideal hands-on project for everyone to help construct, and it's a great way to upcycle and recycle some of those unwanted bits and bobs around the garden. A Bug Hotel needs an open-fronted box and then the rest is up to your imagination. Send the kids digging in the garden or scavenging for items like dried and broken bark, bundles of sticks and twigs, or straw and pinecones which are all perfect for building your Bug Hotel. A classic Bug Hotel is made from a drilled log or chunk of wood, but other items from around the house such as old or broken bricks and rolled up corrugated cardboard also work well. A Bug Hotel also doubles as a charming garden feature, watch as wildlife such as ladybugs, bees, woodlice, or even a hedgehog (if you're lucky), come to stay. 

    Getting Crafty

    Just because it's in the garden doesn't necessarily mean it's all plants, plants, plants. One way to get your kids involved with the garden is getting crafty. Warm coconut oil in a pan or microwave and mix in bird seeds. Separate the mixture into containers or cookie cutters and as it cools it solidifies, poke a hole through the top and tie a bit of string through the hole. There you have an easy homemade bird feeder which you can hang in the garden. If you have space, give your kids a section of the garden to call their own. Buy plain plant pots and a selection of paints so they can decorate them to make their space unique to them. 

    Make gardening fun

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