Lawn Care

Hints and tips on how to get a beautiful green lawn this summer. From tackling common lawn diseases to how to cut the grass properly, Flymo is here to help with easy, practical advice on taking care of your lawn.

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How To Get A Perfectly Green Lawn

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Growing a perfectly green lawn requires just three things: regular maintenance, regular mowing and fertilisation. These activities need to be done year-round, so it is worth putting your plans on your calendar to get the best results!

When To Dethatch Your Lawn

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De-thatch your lawn

Thatch is an essential part of a healthy lawn. Too much however can prevent sunlight and rain water from reaching new blades of grass, preventing them from growing healthy and green.

Troubleshooting Lawn Mower Problems

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Over its lifetime, your lawn mower can develop problems. The type of problems it will encounter are influenced by elements such as improper use and storage. Understanding your machine and the common problems can help you maintain and solve common issues with ease. Your first port of call should be the manufacturer’s manual, but here is a handy troubleshooting guide to help some of the questions you’ve asked us here at Flymo HQ in the past.

Lawn Care Calendar

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Getting a great looking lawn and garden is relatively easy. Follow our monthly guides telling you what to do and when, to help create a garden your neighbours will be envious of! Also see more in depth articles on jobs in the garden each month here.

Everything You Need To Know About Grass

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The grass in your garden is pretty impressive when it comes to durability. That’s why many of us can fall into the trap of thinking the grass on our lawns will look after itself but it’s more complex than it may seem.

How To Grow Your Lawn: Top Tips

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Growing your own lawn from seed is straightforward once you know the method. In this article, we will take you through the whole process – as well as a wealth of useful hints and tips. Starting with when to grow your seed, we will also cover where is best for a lawn, which tools you will require, how to prepare the soil and take you right through to aftercare procedures.

Before you start

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1. Check your lawnmower: It sounds basic but many people fail to do it. Before you start cutting your grass, ensure that your lawnmowers blades are sharp. If they are blunt, the lawnmower will tear the grass rather than cut it. This may result in the grass roots being pulled up, damaging your grass or worse, kill it.


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Compaction occurs when the soil particles are pushed tightly together removing the space between them, where the oxygen would usually circulate to promote healthy grass growth. This often occurs in areas of the garden that are frequently used; like pathways or around children’s play equipment.

How Short Should I Cut My Grass?

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The grass cutting season in the UK typically starts around mid-March to early April when the weather begins to get a little warmer, which in turn encourages the grass to grow. The grass cutting season generally ends in October when the temperature begins to decline and grass growth slows down. These dates will vary each year depending on the weather and area in the country you live in.