Hedge Care

    Hints and tips on how to take care of your hedges and bushes throughout the year.

    How Nesting Animals Affect Hedge Work

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    Hedges can be a mini-paradise for animals during different months of the year, so planting a hedge can be beneficial for a wide range of critters and wildlife. This isn’t limited to just small mammals and birds; butterflies and moths can also take advantage of the shelter and source of food. Understanding what this means for your garden is important as not only do you want avoid harming any nesting wildlife, but there are laws protecting them which you must abide by. Fear not, our handy guide on how your hedge work may be affected will keep you compliant.

    How to Use a Hedge Trimmer: Top Tips

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    The electric hedge trimmer is the most commonly used in the UK. Though petrol models may offer slightly more power, the electric hedge trimmer is quieter, lighter and better for the environment. And, given their relatively low cost and ease of use, you can see why they are so popular. Hedges require a certain amount of maintenance and knowing when and how to trim your hedge will ensure that it stays healthy and attractive all year round.

    How to Shape Your Hedges and Bushes: Top Tips

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    Often, hedges and bushes are visual features of your garden and make a real impact on how your garden looks. The beginning of the year is typically a good time to trim your hedges and bushes before the summer sun, and warmer weather encourages them to grow.

    Whose Boundary Is It?

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    Boundaries between properties are a tricky subject at the best of times as there is not one single law that governs this. As a result, this can be a difficult subject to approach with a neighbour and can cause disputes. Disputes of this nature can lead to legal difficulties, so it is important to check with local councils or solicitors who will advise you on the best course of action. Often it doesn’t need to escalate that far provided both parties are on the same page. Here is a basic breakdown of what you can, and can’t, do.

    How to Move a Hedge or Bush in Your Garden

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    Moving (or transplanting) your hedge may seem like a daunting task, but by following our simple guide, you can complete the move as quickly and efficiently as possible

    How To Prune A Hedge

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    Once you understand the characteristics of your own hedge the easier they can become to manage. A smart and freshly cut hedge can improve the look and feel of your entire garden. A few hours of work can then have benefits that can last for months.

    Benefits of Electric Hedge Trimmers

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    Both petrol and electric hedge trimmers have their pros and cons, but there are a number of key benefits that electric hedge trimmers have over their petrol counterparts. There are all sorts of different hedge trimmers available on the market, and many are suited to specific tasks. This guide will help you find the hedge trimmer that is best suited to you and your gardening needs.

    5 Things You Need To Know About Hedge Care

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    Hedge care is an important garden chore that can easily go neglected. Fully understanding what is required with your hedge makes the whole endeavour much easier in the long run. Understanding what type of hedge you have will ultimately determine what you will need to do, as each species and style will have different needs. To make things easier we’ve put together the top five things to consider.