Autumn Tidy

    Autumn is that time of year when your lawn and garden can start to look awful again. The wind and rain starts again, plus the leaves fall from the trees once more. Here you can find some quick, easy and practical hints and tips on keeping your lawn and garden looking neat and tidy throughout the autumn months with little fuss and effort.

    How to store lithium-ion batteries over winter

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    UltraStore Lawn Mower in Storage

    Correct storing of a li-ion batteries is crucial to ensuring the lifespan of the battery. This is something you need to take into consideration, especially when storing your tools over winter as Lithium-ion batteries are highly susceptible to temperature. Temperatures that are too high or too low can cause the cells to suffer permanent damage. In rare cases of batteries being stored incorrectly for long periods of time, it is even possible for the battery to become completely unusable, this is called deep discharge.Deep discharge is when the entire battery capacity is depleted. This usually happens when batteries are stored empty of charge and then discharge themselves even further. If self-discharge occurs for too long, this causes deep discharge. This results in permanent, irreversible damage to the battery. To avoid this happening and to extend the lifespan of your batteries, please read our storage tips for the winter months below.

    Best Uses for the EasiClean

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    EasiClean Pressure Washer

    Enjoy great cleaning power with Flymo’s new pressure cleaner, with the added benefit of no mains cables. Flymo’s battery operated EasiClean enables you to clean around the home as well as out and about. Perfect for use when out camping, mountain biking as well as cleaning the patio, decking and outside furniture. The EasiClean can be used by attaching to an outside tap or simply with a bucket of water – the EasiClean Li Plus includes a portable, collapsible water bag, which is perfect for trips away from the home. 

    The Leaf Blower Techniques You Need To Know

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    As with any power tool, there is a technique to getting the most out of it for the right results. A leaf blower is no different. If your garden is completely covered in leaves following some key techniques will get it cleared in no time.

    Ways to Collect Leaves from Different Areas of Your Garden

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    If you have trees in, or around your home then you are likely to be busy picking up leaves throughout the autumn. Fallen leaves get everywhere, and they aren’t always the easiest of things to collect. That is why a variety of leaf collection equipment is needed when collecting leaves from different types of terrain in and around your property.

    How To Make A Compost Heap - The Ultimate Guide

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    Every experienced gardener knows that good compost is an eco-friendly way to provide vital nutrients to a garden and its inhabitants. One of the best ways to look after your garden is to start producing your own ‘Black Gold’, as we explain in our guide to creating compost heaps. .

    Top Tools to Help Collect Leaves in the Garden

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    In the UK, leaves fall from the trees from late September to mid-November. While a few leaves around the garden are fine, there are so many other uses for dried leaves that many gardeners prefer to collect them for, including leaf mould or compost rather than leave them lying around. There are lots of different tools available for collecting leaves but some work a little better than others in different situations, so it is good to have a range at your fingertips.

    What Is Leaf Mulch And How To Make It

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    Leaf Mulch

    Leaves are plentiful in the autumn as they fall from the trees and collect on the ground in our gardens. Rounding them up and putting them back to work is a great way to ensure that your garden flourishes time and time again, as we explain our guide to leaf mulch.

    How To Make Leaf Mould - The Ultimate Guide

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    Transform autumn leaves into valuable leaf mould, which is as easy to use as mulch, soil conditioner or a seed compost. Learn more in our guide to making leaf mould.

    Uses for Fallen Leaves: Top Tips

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    Fallen leaves are a great natural resource in your garden with all kinds of beneficial uses such as leaf mould and compost.

    Why Collect Leaves?

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    Rounding up the leaves in your garden is more beneficial than you might think. Here, we explain why you should keep your lawn clear and why you should transform those leaves into leaf mulch and mould, both of which are essential for keeping your garden healthy year after year.