Flymo Orange Lawn Mower

Lawn Mowers

Get a neat and tidy lawn with a Flymo lawn mower. With a number of different lawn mowers to suit a variety of garden types, Flymo has your lawn maintenance needs covered.

HoverVac 280

Hover Lawn Mowers

These small, lightweight and easy-to-use lawn mowers are ideal if you have an irregularly shaped lawn or need a compact lawn mower to store in a tight space. Built in the UK, our hover mowers are fully assembled out of the box, while the integrated grass box means there’s one less storage issue to worry about.

Wheeled Lawn Mowers

Available in a range of sizes for tackling both big or small domestic gardens, our rotary lawn mowers allow you to quickly cut the grass with little effort and no fuss. The rear roller adds stripes as you mow, while its other innovative features are designed for creating the perfect lawn.

Robotic Robotic Lawnmower

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Our robotic lawn mowers automatically cut the grass, so you don’t have to, giving you more time to do the things you love. Spend more time playing football with the kids or relaxing reading a book and let a Flymo robotic lawn mower do all the hard work for you.

Choose by power type

From electric to more mobile battery-powered lawn mowers, here are the most suitable types of lawn mower for your garden.

Electric Lawn Mowers

Lightweight and easy to store, electric lawn mowers are the most popular type of lawn mower in the UK, thanks to their affordability and innovative features that remove the hassle of mowing your lawn.

Battery being added to battery lawn mower

Battery Lawn Mowers

Cordless battery powered lawn mowers make mowing effortless, from start to finish. Go Anywhere Reach Anywhere with a cordless lawn mower and free yourself from the restraints of power cables or the noise of a petrol lawn mower.