Flymo EasiCut 610XT - Hedge Trimmer

Article number: 967103001
The largest hedge trimmer in the Flymo range. The EasiCut 610XT is a powerful corded hedge trimmer, that has an extended reach handle, allowing you to cut tall hedges and bushes with ease from the safety of the ground.
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Product specification


Easicut Easicut

Features & Benefits

See the EasiCut 610XT in action. Watch this short video to find out everything you need to know about this long reach hedge trimmer.

Easicut Easicut

Extended reach handles

Flymo's unique handle design, allows you to cut higher up the hedge or bush without the need for ladders.

Easicut Easicut

Wrap around handle

Wrap around handle design for convenient handing in every position.

Easicut Easicut

Protective Blade Tip

Blade tip protects the cutting blades from impact and damage.

Easicut Easicut

Double action blades

Double action blades for a faster, neater finish.



Teeth opening
22 mm
Knife Length
60 cm


500 W
Cable length
10 m
3.9 kg