No ladders needed

Making cutting your hedges Easier by Design. Flymo offers two types of hedge trimmer that make cutting tall hedges easy. Using our unique extended reach handle design you can trim hedges easier. Alternatively the Flymo SabreCut is an adjustable hedge trimmer that can be extended to a length of 3 metres meaning you can cut tall hedges with ease, from the safety of the ground without the need for a ladder.
Keep your feet on the ground with extended reach hedge trimmers
Cordless battery powered hedge trimmers

Unrestricted Movement & Quiet Operation

Battery hedge trimmers have a number of distinct advantages. Not only are they quieter, but they provide you with cordless freedom, enabling you to trim hedges and bushes no matter where they are on your property. All the batteries used on Flymo cordless hedge trimmers and grass trimmers are interchangeable when used on products with the same voltage.

Safe & sound

All Flymo hedge trimmers come with a range of safety features. All our electric and battery hedge trimmers come with a hand guard protecting you from falling debris and keeping your hands away from the cutting blades. Flymo hedge trimmers come with a diamond ground, double action blade for a faster, neater finish.
Cutting hedge
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Blade gap (mm)

Hedge Trimmers

With one of Flymo's hedge trimmers you will have the power to maintain your hedges no matter how big or small.