Flymo Contour Cordless XT - Cordless Grass Trimmer

Article number: 966676801
Perfect for medium sized gardens, the 18V 1.6Ah battery Contour trimmer has a cutting width of 25cm, allowing you to trim the edges of your garden with ease. The 1.5mm silent single auto line keeps the noise to a minimum. Weighing only 2.25kg the Contour Cordless XT also features a plant guard, edging mode, adjustable handle and cordless freedom.
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Product specification


Contour_PowerPlus_Cordless_cordless freedom for quick and easy results

Cordless freedom

Cordless freedom for quick and easy results

Power Trim

Powerful trimming

Powerful trimming

plant guard

Plant Guard

Fitted with a plant guard which not only preserves the line but also protects plants and shrubs from damage when trimming close to them.

Flymo Contour XT Selling Window -Edge 2008

Inline Edging

The edging wheel allows you to guide the trimmer along your edges easily – and you get better results with little effort required.


Cutting line

Cutting width
25 cm
Cord diameter
1.5 mm


Battery voltage
18 V
2.4 kg


Shrubbing Features
Lawn edge facility
Feed mechanism
Plant Guard

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