Flymo Contour 650E - Grass Trimmer

Article number: 967241701
A powerful 3 in1 heavy duty electric grass trimmer and lawn edger. Features heavy duty line and speed control for tackling extra tough conditions and comes with a helpful plant guard.
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Product specification


Contour 650E twisted head

Simply Convert

Simply press the button and swivel the head from trim to edge mode in one simple step.

Contour 500E Telescopic handle

Telescopic Handle

Telescopic handle, and secondary adjustable handle are both designed with user ergonomics in mind.

Contour 580E Foot pedal for shrubbing mode

Foot Pedal

Fitted with a large foot pedal that allows easy adjustment for the user, when switching to the shrubbing mode to trim awkward to reach areas.

Contour 500E Plant Guard

Plant Guard

Fitted with a plant guard which not only preserves the line but also protects plants and shrubs from damage when trimming close to them.

Contour 650E Adjustable handle

Adjustable Handle

Adjustable steady handle with added soft grip, which makes for greater control and comfortable use when completing heavy-duty tasks.

Contour 650E Shrubbing


Shrubbing mode allows awkward areas to be tackled easily, like under benches, bushes or trampolines.

Contour 650E cable storage

Quick Cable Release

The quick cable release feature, removes the need for unwinding the cable from the hook.This also allows neat and tidy storage when you're done.

Contour 650E Trim with Guard

Powerful Trimming

The powerful motor makes trimming through tough areas easy.

Contour 650E Edging with guard

Inline Edging

Unique wheel for easy edging, around borders and up to walls and fences.


Cutting line

Cutting width
30 cm
Number of line exits
Cord diameter
2 mm


650 W
4.3 kg
Cable length
10 m


Shrubbing Features
Lawn edge facility
Feed mechanism
Plant Guard

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