Flymo Contour 500 XT - Grass Trimmer

Article number: 966952401
Perfect for medium sized gardens, the 500W Contour 500XT has a cutting width of 25cm, allowing you to trim the edges of your garden with ease. The 1.5mm silent dual auto line feed tackles extra tough conditions with ease whilst keeping the noise to a minimum. Weighing only 3.6kg the Contour 500XT also features a useful cable storage system, plant guard, edging function, shrubbing mode, adjustable handle and telescopic shaft.
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Product specification


plant guard

Plant Guard

Fitted with a plant guard which not only preserves the line but also protects plants and shrubs from damage when trimming close to them.

Flymo Contour 500XT Selling Window - Shrub 2008


Trim difficult to access places

Flymo Contour 500XT Selling Window - Edge 2008

In Line Edging

Unique wheel for easy edging

Flymo Double Auto Line Feed 2008

Twin Autofeed Cutting Line

Automatic double line not only saves you time by automatically feeding the line through the trimmer when needed, but it also improves trimming performance by having two cutting lines.

Adjustable handle

Adjustable Handle

Adjustable steady handle with added soft grip, makes for greater control and comfortable use when completing heavy-duty tasks.


Cutting line

Cutting width
25 cm
Cord diameter
1.5 mm


500 W
Battery voltage
500 V
3.7 kg
Cable length
12 m


Shrubbing Features
Lawn edge facility
Feed mechanism
Plant Guard