Flymo Scirocco 3000 - Leaf Blower & Garden Vacuum

Article number: 966952801
The Scirocco is the quick and easy way to clear leaves and debris from your garden. Fitted with a handy wheel to help guide the vacuum/blower around the garden, you can easily change function using the built in function lever.
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Product specification


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Easy to Clean

Designed for easy cleaning, the Scirocco opens up, therefore allowing you to clean easily after collecting and shredding leaves.

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Change Function

Easy to change from Blow mode to Vacuum mode with no tools required and no tubes to change - it’s as simple as sliding a button.


Shredding Ratio

The Scirocco will shred the leaves at a ratio of 10:1, which allows you to collect more, yet reduces the frequency in which you need to empty the bag.


Vacuum Mode

Vacuums up the leaves for a neat and tidy garden. These leaves could then be added to your compost bin, or used as leaf mulch around your flowers or borders.



3000 W
Cable length
12 m
6 kg


Air speed
55 m/s
Air flow in pipe
10.8 m³/min


Shredding facility
Collector volume
45 l