Flymo PowerVac 3000 - Garden Vacuum

Article number: 966759401
Perfect for medium sized gardens, the 3000W Power Vac 3000 has a blow speed of 310km/h. With a collection capacity of 45 litres and a shredding ratio of 16:1, leaves are no task for this blower vac. Weighing only 3.7kg in blow mode, the Power Vac 3000 also features a variable speed control and powerful fan.
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Product specification


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Blow Mode

Powerful blowing mode which makes for easy clearing of leaves and other debris, with a blow speed of 345 km/hr.

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Vacuum Mode

Vacuums up the leaves for a neat and tidy garden. These leaves could then be added to your compost bin, or used as leaf mulch around your flowers or borders.

Shredding ratio

Shredding Ratio

Shredding the leaves at an impressive ratio of 16:1, this reduces the frequency in which you need to empty the collection bag.

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Quick Change

The unique tool-less quick change feature easily converts from blow to vac with the flick of a switch - gardening couldn’t be made much easier.



3000 W
Cable length
10 m
5.2 kg


Air speed
98.35 m/s
Air flow in pipe
10.19 m³/min


Shredding facility
Collector volume
45 l