Flymo GardenVac 2700 - Garden Vacuum

Article number: 966952701
The GardenVac 2700 is a powerful 4 in1 electric garden vacuum that makes clearing leaves from your garden quick and easy. Shredding leaves as they are collected the Flymo GardenVac's jet vacuum is ideal for picking up wet leaves.
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Product specification


Blower vac

Shreds leaves for less volume

Shredding leaves as they are collected, the Jet Vacuum feature is perfect for picking up even wet leaves, and other stubborn debris.

Garden Vac

Picks up all types of debris

In vac mode you can pick up all kinds of debris - not just leaves.

Garden Vac

Shredding option

With a shredding ratio of 3:1, the leaves shred right down, therefore leaving you with a smaller volume of waste to dispose of or even use as mulch.

Garden Vac

Easy mode change

Easy mode change with simple lever

Garden Vac

Jet vacuum

Jet vaccum for picking up wet leaves



2700 W
Cable length
12 m
5.1 kg


Air speed
59 m/s


Shredding facility
Collector volume
40 l

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