EasiLife 500

Item No. 967980101
5 out of 5 Customer Rating

Robotic lawnmower that automatically cuts your lawn giving you More Time, More Freedom, More Living.

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Mows Every Corner of the Lawn
Patented guide wire technology and multiple start points ensure your mower navigates all areas of your lawn. It even helps the mower to find its way home without leaving unsightly track marks.


Flexible Charging Position
With less restrictions and more freedom, it is flexible enough to be placed anywhere around the lawn edge – even tucked away in a corner.


Mowing Adapts to the Weather
LawnSense automatically optimises the cutting schedule to the weather and lawn growth conditions, and FrostSense detects when it's too cold to operate - preventing any damage to your lawn.


Simple Programming
The scheduling wizard gets you ready to mow in three easy steps. Simply choose the lawn size, mowing days and start time and the mower calculates the perfect schedule.


EasiLife App
Intuitive controls at your fingertips. Provides access to scheduling wizard, mower status and support information from your smartphone.


A Healthier, Greener Lawn
Regular mowing and mulching returns fine grass clippings back into the lawn which acts as a natural fertilizer.


PIN Protection
A security PIN prevents unwanted access to the mowers and is backed up by Flymo customer support if forgotten.


Extra Mowing Flexibility
Quickly access to special functions such as Spot Cut, Override, Second Area, or Park to fit around your lifestyle needs.

Designed for gardens up to 500m2 the Flymo EasiLife 500 is a battery powered fully automatic robotic lawnmower that gives you a tidy lawn with zero effort. Complete the simple installation, set the schedule and off it mows. It even automatically returns to the charge station when needed.

Features intuitive Assist-U interface for easy scheduling, monitoring and communication with the mower from the onboard keypad & LCD display or via the smartphone app. It also comes with LawnSense and FrostSense to automatically adapt cutting schedule based on weather and lawn growth conditions. The charging station can be placed virtually anywhere around the edge of the lawn - even in corners, and the guide wire lets you set multiple start points and optimises navigation to and from the charge station to prevent track marks and ensuring every corner of the lawn is cut.

Spare Parts: 

FLY072 - Blades 

FLY082- Wire 

FLY084 - Connectors 

FLY073- Repair Kit 

FLY077- Winter Protection Box 

FLY080- Wall Hanger: EasiLife 200 / 350 / 500 

FLY091- Wall Hanger: Suitable for all Flymo Robotics 

FLY079- Robotic House: EasiLife 200 / 350 / 500 

FLY078 - Wheel Brushes: EasiLife 200 / 350 / 500

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3 Pivoting Razor Blades
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