Comfort Cleaning Nozzle ecoPulse™

Item No. 967909001
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Cleaning Nozzle for powerful and water-saving cleaning. Also suitable for irrigation. Frost-proof.
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The GARDENA Comfort Cleaning Nozzle ecoPulse™ is equally suitable for both effective cleaning and for irrigation. The Spray Nozzle features the innovative ecoPulse™ jet. The oscillating water jet is particularly effective during surface cleaning and saves up to 40 percent water when compared to standard GARDENA hard jet. Three further spray patterns (hard jet, flat jet and mist spray) can be variably adjusted. The ergonomic handle with soft plastic components enables optimal handling comfort during operation. The water flow can be infinitely adjusted. For continuous cleaning or irrigation, the pulse trigger can be locked to prevent your hand from tiring. With integrated frost protection technology. The total warranty period is 5 years. Made in Germany.
Product Weight (kg)
Product Width (cm)
52 mm
Product Length (cm)
170 mm
Product Height (cm)
195 mm

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