Sabre Cut XT

Item No. 967079901
3.1 out of 5 Customer Rating
Powerful easy to use telescopic hedge trimmer with a tilting cutting head for added convenience
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Laser Cut Blade
High quality blades for a quick, clean cut.
Extended Reach
The unique handle design allows you to cut higher up the hedge or bush without the need for ladders.
Dual Action Blades
Double action blades for a faster, neater finish.
Blade Tip Protector
Blade tip protects the cutting blades from impact and damage.
Tiltable Head
Tilt the head of the SabreCut trim the tops of tall bushes and hedges without the use of ladders.
Perfect for medium sized gardens, the 500W SabreCut XT hedge trimmer has laser cut blades which make light work for any bush or hedge. The SabreCut XT has a blade length of 48cm and 25mm blade gap. With a long reach telescopic handle the SabreCut XT can get to difficult places without the use of a ladder. Weighing only 4.1kg the SabreCut XT also features a tiltable head, protective blade tip and telescopic shaft.
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