EasiCut 610XT

Item No. 967103001
4 out of 5 Customer Rating
Powerful electric hedge trimmer with unique handle design for an extended reach
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Low Weight
Light in weight for comfort when in use and when transporting the product from storage to the garden.

Laser Cut Blade
High quality blades for a quick, clean cut.
Wrap Around Handle
Wrap around handle design for convenient and comfortable handing in every position.
Two Handed Safety Switch
Both switches must be pressed for the product to work, therefore preventing any accidental starting.
Blade Tip Protector
Blade tip protects the cutting blades from impact and damage.
Extended Reach
The unique handle design allows you to cut higher up the hedge or bush without the need for ladders.
Perfect for medium sized gardens, the 500W EasiCut 610XT has diamond ground, dual reciprocating blades which make light work for any bush or hedge. The EasiCut 610XT has a blade length of 60cm and 22mm blade gap. Weighing only 4.1kg the EasiCut 610XT also features a centralized 270 degree handle design for comfort and a blade tip to help protect the blade.
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