Contour XT

Item No. 966952301
5 out of 5 Customer Rating
Electric grass trimmer that's perfect for trimming and edging the contours of your lawn.
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Rotate for Edging
Simply press the edging button and rotate the trimmer head.

Plant Guard
Fitted with a plant guard which not only preserves the line but also protects plants and shrubs from damage when trimming close to them.
Light in weight for comfort when in use and when transporting the product from storage to the garden.
Cable Storage Facility
Use the hook to tidy away the cable when in storage and to prevent the line from getting tangled.
Perfect for medium sized gardens, the 300W Contour XT grass trimmer has a cutting width of 25cm, allowing you to trim the edges of your garden with ease. The 1.5mm silent dual auto line keeps the noise to a minimum. Weighing only 2.1kg the Contour XT also features a useful cable storage system, plant guard and edging function.
Cable Length (m)
Cutting Width (cm)
Feed mechanism
Double Auto
Line Diameter (cm)
Power (W)
Power Type
Product Weight (kg)
Sound power level, guaranteed (LWA) dB(A)
Vibration Level
Product Width (cm)
Product Length (cm)
Product Height (cm)
Nylon Trimmer Line 1.5mm FLY019
Nylon Trimmer Line 1.5mm FLY019
Universal Protective Glasses
Universal Protective Glasses
Spool and Line FLY021
Spool and Line FLY021
Trimmer Head Cap FLY060
Trimmer Head Cap FLY060