C-Link 20V Blower

Item No. 967865101
4.6 out of 5 Customer Rating

Powerful, lightweight and easy to use cordless blower, part of the C – Link Interchangeable Battery Range powered by a 20V battery. Supplied with battery and charger.


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Ultra Lightweight
Light weight and easy to use, weighing under 3kg for user comfort.


Ergonomic Handle
Thanks to the inline and well balanced design, the blower has an Ergonomic Handle to make working more comfortable.
Interchangeable Powerhead
Interchangeable power head and battery concept.
Ambidextrous Use
Change the side of the blow tube depending on the user’s hand preference.
Storage Solution
A thought-out design that allows for neat and compact storage.
Battery & Charger Included
Does what it says on the tin, battery and charger are included in the box with this product.
Perfect for small to medium sized gardens, the C-Link 20V Blower has a blow speed of 128km/h. The small but mighty 2.5Ah lithium-ion battery is the first of its kind for handheld Flymo products. Weighing only 2.2kg in blow mode, the C-Link 20V Blower also features superb cordless freedom and interchangeable capabilities. Also compatible with the C-Link 20V Grass Trimmer and Hedge Trimmer.
Air Speed (mph)
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Battery Charge Time (min) 100% charged
Collect / Non-Collect
Battery Type
Battery Included
Battery Run Time (min)
up to 12
Motor Type
Power Type
Sound pressure level at operators ear dB(A)
Universal Comfort Gloves Size 10 Medium
Universal Comfort Gloves Size 10 Medium