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Green bin map of the UK

Green Bin Collections. What A Load Of Rubbish.

With summer finally upon us and the nation picking up its garden shears in force, our green waste bins are filling up fast. But what happens when our bins are full? In some areas of England, residents are paying extra charges on top of their council tax to have their green bin collected – but who’s getting the best deal?

There are 326 districts in the UK, and over half of them charge their residents additional fees to have their garden waste collected. These ‘opt-in’ schemes ask residents to fork out anything from £6 up to £96 a year.

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How to toughen up your garden for sports

Gardens are there to be enjoyed, and there is no better way to enjoy a garden than by having a kickabout with the kids. Especially in a world cup year, you can expect families across the country to lace up their boots and go for a game of footie.

While it may be great to have some fun outdoors, you need to make sure you have prepared your garden to take the strain first. There’s nothing worse than reaching the end of the summer and realising your lawn looks like a wasteland that will take ages to repair…

Here are our top tips to create the perfect sporting arena in your garden ahead of summer:

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No Garden? No Problem. How To Create An Outdoor Space When You Don’t Have A Garden

Just because you don’t have the space for a proper garden doesn’t mean you need to go without your own outdoor space. You can create a beautiful outdoor oasis without much space at all; all you need is a bit of planning and design. Smaller gardens may need more thought than larger gardens but with the right planning they can be even better – they do say ‘great things come in small packages’.

If you are looking to revitalise your outdoor space here are our top tips to give you the garden you deserve.

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Spot the difference! Is it a weed or a flower?

Weeding can be one of the most annoying activities in maintaining our gardens, and the unwanted pests have a tendency to grow back if untreated. Our gardens are full of them, but identifying all weeds correctly, instead of flowers, can be a difficult task. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you identify which flowers are masquerading as plants, for a weed-free outdoor space where your flower beds are protected and your garden can breathe easy.

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Speedi-Mo 360C

Troubleshooting Lawn Mower Problems

Over its lifetime, your lawn mower can develop problems. The type of problems it will encounter are influenced by elements such as improper use and storage. Understanding your machine and the common problems can help you maintain and solve common issues with ease. Your first port of call should be the manufacturer’s manual, but here is a handy troubleshooting guide to help some of the questions you’ve asked us here at Flymo HQ in the past.
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Speedi-Mo 360C Folds away for neat and tidy storage

10 Top Tips For Storing A Lawn Mower Over The Winter

Your lawn mower has been a faithful companion all summer, but now it’s time for its well-earned rest. You can’t just park it in your shed and leave it for months, expecting everything to be as you left it when spring surfaces. Spend some time tucking your mower in at the end of the season to make sure your spring reunion will be a harmonious affair.
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12 Plants for Improving Your Health & Home

From lavender to lemongrass, rosemary to aloe vera, plants can do wonders for our wellbeing, emotion and the environment around us. We’ve looked at our favourite outdoor and indoor plants renowned for improving both our health and our homes.
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Garden lawn edging

The 5 Most Searched For Gardening Questions on Google

Gardening is getting more popular, and we’re spending more time in the garden1, but it’s tricky knowing your herbaceous borders from your perennials, dandelions to creeping buttercups. However, for the novices and less green-fingered among us, Google has all the answers. From getting rid of weeds to growing vegetables, every year thousands of budding horticulturalists are searching online for ways to maintain and perfect their garden.
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Top Tips For Gardening Novices

Approaching the prospect of gardening for the first time can be a daunting task. You may have big ambitions for your garden oasis but where do you start when you’re a beginner gardener?
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