Lawn Mower Vs. Grass Trimmer

    Depending on the size of your lawn, you may be debating whether to get a lawnmower or a grass trimmer, but which is right for you? And most importantly, which will make your life easier and more efficient while keeping your lawn looking the best. 


    Lawn Mowers

    The Pro’s

    Lawnmowers are great if you have large lawn areas in your garden. They have blades underneath the mower's main body that rotate to slice and cut off the grass as you move along. They're durable and efficient at maintaining a consistent lawn length. With various other features, abilities, and budget-options, lawnmowers can range from the small and agile option such as the Turbo Lite 270, perfect for a more small-sized garden. Whereas the EasiStore 340R, allows for more robust gardens, this model also has height variations to change the preferred length of your lawn. Alternatively, Flymo’s robotic lawnmower range

    does your mowing for you; meaning you can get on with other things or simply put your feet up with a cup of tea or coffee while the hard work is being done. 

    The Con’s

    Lawnmowers may be brilliant at large open-plan areas of lawn. Still, they are somewhat heavy-handed in the delicate work of small tight corners and edges. Although some like the EasiStore 300R are designed to be close edge cutting, you will only ever get as close to the edge as the lawnmower will allow. 


    Grass Trimmer

    The Pro’s

    On the other hand, grass trimmers excel in creating that sharp manicured lawn we all wish for but sometimes may not be able to deliver with just a lawnmower. Like the Contour XT, the classic design is commonly a hand-held pole with an adjustable head fitted with a motor and a plastic wire or sometimes a blade that spins to precisely trim the grass. One advantage of a grass trimmer is it’s very portable, meaning it can reach those otherwise inaccessible places such as around trees, hedges, lawn edges, and even fixed planters. 

    The Con’s

    As much as we love that sharp-edged look in the lawn, if you have a large area of grass, cutting the grass with a strimmer would be quite a challenge. As strimmers are hand-held, you need a pretty steady and firm hand to make sure you’re cutting the grass at a consistent length. 

    Final Verdict?

    Without sitting on the fence, honestly, there isn't a direct comparison. Grass Trimmers are great at what they're made more which is trimming, whereas lawn mowers are great for their purpose and that’s mowing the lawn. If you're not a perfectionist and don't need perfect edges, a lawn mower will do a perfect job. But if you want that manicured professional-looking lawn, you're going to need a grass trimmer to get those edges. The combination of both will leave you with a neat and consistent lawn, with crisp edges and that picture perfect finish.