The Best Lawnmowers For Small Gardens

    It goes without saying, small gardens require small lawnmowers, however knowing which to buy can be a challenge.
    To find the best small lawnmower for your needs you should keep an eye out for the following points.

    1) Storage Solutions

    Often if you own a small garden, then space is at a premium, making storage a key consideration. Nobody wants a lawnmower to take up lots of room in your shed or garage. When buying a lawnmower, look for the storage solutions on the packaging. Lawnmowers that allow the handles to fold down are ideal as they require less space and allows them to be stored closer to walls.
    If storage space is limited then, a lawnmower that can be hung on a hook from a wall like the Flymo Turbo Lite 330 could be a good option. Small lawnmowers that hang from walls free up floor space in the garage.
    If you are planning on collecting the grass when you cut the lawn and storage space is limited, then a hover mower may be the best type of small lawnmower to buy. Grass collecting rotary mowers tend have detachable grass boxes which also require storage, while small hover mowers have the grass box built within the mower which can then be removed when the grass box is full.

    2) Weight

    If you store your lawnmower away from the garden and in a garage, then how easy it is to transport to and from the garden is a major factor to consider. Small electric lawnmowers are typically the lightest, while petrol powered machines are the heaviest. In this scenario, a small electric lawnmower may be the better option if you need to carry it to and from the lawn.
    If you need to carry the lawnmower to and from the garden, then ensure that the lawnmower you buy is light enough to lift, and look for helpful features like transport wheels or carry handles like those found on the Flymo RE320. 

    3) Cutting Width

    Small gardens don’t need huge lawnmowers to cut the lawn quickly, however there is a balance to be reached. Buying a lawnmower with a very small cutting width will mean it will take longer to cut the lawn than a mower with a larger cutting width. When buying a lawnmower, consider how long you want to send cutting the lawn versus other factors like storage space. 

    4) Shape

    Not all lawns are a nice square or rectangle and smaller lawns can be irregularly shaped. This makes using wheeled lawnmowers difficult to use as they require a number of short backwards and forwards movements to cut close into the corners. Because of the nature of how a hover non collect mower works, it makes them easier to use in smaller, confined areas. 

    5) Power Type

    In some instances, trailing a cable to power an electric lawnmower can be difficult as there can be obstacles like trees and bushes in the way. In this case a cylinder mower might be the ideal small lawnmower for you, however you will need to cut the grass regularly as longer grass can be difficult to cut using a cylinder mower.
    Battery lawnmowers are available, however they tend to be expensive compared to other small lawnmowers which often deters many people from buying them. Petrol lawnmowers could be used to cut small lawns, however they tend to be much heavier to manoeuvre and much noisier than their electrical equivalents. 

    6) Budget

    Buying a small lawnmower doesn’t need to cost a lot. Small electric lawnmowers can start from as little as £69.99 (Flymo Turbo Lite 250) and can range up to and even over £100 (UltraGlide). Typically lawnmowers that include grass collection boxes cost more. If you plan on cutting the lawn regularly then, you may not want to collect the grass, as finely cut grass will quickly break down and return to the lawn acting like natural fertiliser. Petrol lawn mowers on the other hand often have an opening price point of well over £100 which can be off putting. 

    Where To Buy a Small Lawnmower?

    For over 50 years Flymo has designed and built lawnmowers in the UK, in its factory in County Durham. Available in most high street retailers and garden centres, Flymo is the one of the UKs leading Super Brands.

    You can also buy small Flymo lawnmowers directly from us here