Enjoying your Garden in Summer-

    Garden Party Ideas

    You've spent a lot of time creating, mowing and looking after your lawn, now it's time to enjoy it!

    With Summer quickly approaching and looking like it's going to be a scorcher, now is the perfect time to start thinking about outdoor entertaining. Whether that's having the family around for a BBQ, throwing a party for all your friends you haven't seen in a while, or just keeping the kids entertained while they're off school. Read on for some ideas for how to make the most out of your garden this summer!

    Fire up the Grill

    First and foremost, let's start with the obvious- the BBQ! No summer is complete without at least one BBQ.

    It's quick, easy, and delicious. If you want to keep it casual, or just don't want to have to set the table- skewers are a great option.

    To get the most from the food, marinate the meat and veg the day before so the flavours can infuse nicely. If you have vegetarian guests coming, be sure to set aside half of the grill for veggie food.


    Cocktail Bar

    For those of us who drink, and even those who don't (do I hear you say mocktails), a cocktail bar is a perfect addition to any garden party!

    You could buy a "bar" or better yet create a makeshift one. Remember to buy garden-party glasses or move glassware and drinks into the garden so guests don’t have to keep returning to the house to refresh their glasses. Including a "bar" will mean guests can help themselves, leaving the host free to mingle to their heart’s content.


    Create a cozy alfresco experience with pillows, blankets, and a delicious assortment of food. Savour a sunny afternoon by setting up s rustic picnic in your own garden. All you'll need are the essentials - some cozy pillows, a blanket, sandwiches, and drinks - maybe in a few crates or boxes than can double as impromptu tables.

    Flowe Wall

    Flower Wall

    For those who want an "insta-gramabble" backdrop for your garden party- a flower wall might be the one for you. It sounds complicated, but you can handle it! The end result will be with it for those images everyone will be envious of!

    Let the Games Begin

    For the ultimate party pad, create an entertainment space outside. A ping pong table or card games will all go down a treat and give you guests a variety of activities to get involved in, keeping the party flowing

    Card Games
    Children Playing in Garden

    Keep the little ones entertained

    Those with little ones might be thinking of ways you van keep them entertained. Hiring a bouncy castle or paddling pool always goes down well.

    Alternatively, you could put up a wigwam and your pint-sized party-goers will camp out in it all day – leaving the grown-ups to enjoy their own fun.


    Want to really get the party started? You need music. And while you don't want to annoy your neighbours with an overly loud sound, a portable speaker is usually the way to go. As you can easily bring out into the garden and move it around should you need to. Then you just make sure you have a playlist of all your favourite party songs ready to go!

    Portable Speaker
    Garden Lighting


    Outdoor lanterns and lights are a must if you want to keep the garden party going once the sun goes down. Go for solar-powered lights so you won’t have to scrabble around for extension cables or batteries.

    Strategically placed lighting along walkways can be a very helpful addition to people who want to come and go from the party when it's dark.

    Cosy Blankets & Cushions

    Layer up chairs with throws and cushions – they’re ideal for adding a bit of colour and for keeping warm when the sun goes down. Ensuring your guests are warm and comfy all day and night long!

    Outdoor Cinema

    Outdoor Cinema

    Consider an outdoor projector for garden movie nights to remember.

    There's nothing like ending a successful party with a late night film screening. For an outdoor cinema, all you really need is a sheet, or a white wall and an outdoor projector. But adding some fairy lights will make it all special. And if you're really feeling like going the extra mile - why not bring our your duvet or blankets, cushions to make it all cost and create an almost outdoor bedroom. Dreamy!

    Prepare for the Rain

    Rain in the UK is inevitable so it’s therefore important to have a contingency plan for if Mother Nature throws a spanner in the works. Don’t worry, this doesn’t necessarily mean your party is ruined! Whether your backup plan comes in the form of an awning from your house or a pop-up gazebo in your garden, you will need something that can protect you from the rain without dampening the party or the mood.

    If the worst comes to worst, you can continue your alfresco party indoors. If you plan on decorating your garden, be sure to extend your decorations indoors so the transition is seamless. You can then swap your barbecue for your oven grill, and sun loungers for sofas!

    Child with Umbrella