The Leaf Blower Techniques You Need To Know

    As with any power tool, there is a technique to getting the most out of it for the right results. A leaf blower is no different. If your garden is completely covered in leaves, following some key techniques will get it cleared in no time. 

    1. Divide And Conquer

    Split your garden into smaller sections, this will make it more manageable overall. Create a pile for each section rather than one massive mound of leaves. Try blowing the leaves onto a sheet to help make transporting them to the garden bin or compost heap easier.

    2. Location, Location, Location

    Where you are in the garden can determine the best way to remove those pesky leaves. Collecting leaves from a gravel path would be much more complicated than from a grassy lawn for example. If your leaf blower or vacuum is powerful then gravel can damage either your garden’s look (or worse) the blower or vacuum itself!

    You also don't want to damage your plants, especially if you have spent a lot of time on them throughout the year. 

    3. Work With The Wind

    Use the wind to your advantage. Don't work against it as it will just undo all of your work.

    Start at the edges then blow debris towards the middle of your garden, each section of the garden then can come together much easier.

    4. Use Varying Speeds

    Slow it down on harder surfaces, leaves and grass clippings will be able to move much easier so keep them under control with less power.

    It is also important to be aware of the noise, some blowers can be loud so be considerate of your neighbours. Above all it is recommended to work when the weather is dry.

    5. But Remember, Safety First!

    The last thing you want when dealing with a garden leaf blower or garden vacuum is any accidents so make sure you are safe. Leaf blowers are designed to blow garden debris at very high speeds. It is therefore recommended to use the proper protection for your eyes. If your leaf blower is petrol powered it can be loud so be sure to wear ear protectors. It is also highly recommended to never wear loose clothing when operating. Clothes such as scarfs can get sucked up into the vacuum and can then get caught in the moving parts.

    Finally be sure never to point the blower towards any people or pets. They are powerful after all and that's just asking for trouble!