Flymo Frequently Asked Questions - Warranty


    You can find the basic principles of your Flymo warranty outlined here. Full terms and conditions can be found in your operating manual. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our experienced customer service team.

    What are the Terms and Conditions of my Warranty?

    All Flymo products are covered for parts and labour for 12 months, providing the fault or defect is found to be a result of faulty manufacture by one of our Authorised Service Agents.

    All of our warranty periods start from the date of purchase. All claims made against the manufacturer's warranty must be supported by proof of purchase i.e receipt of purchase.

    Read more about our warranty T&Cs here

    How do I claim on my Warranty?

    If your product is in it's warranty period and develops a fault, please contact our Customer Services team who will be able to help. We will need information from the product including the number and serial number.

    Where can I register for extended Warranty?

    Use the button below to register your product for extended 2 year warranty.

    The Service Agent has advised that my Flymo product is not covered by Warranty

    The Authorised Service Agent must have identified tell-tale signs of impact damage such as, chips in the lawnmower blade, sheared bolt or damaged impeller etc.

    Should you feel the service agent has misdiagnosed the cause of fault you can take the machine for a second opinion.

    My Guarantee has ended. Why should I have to pay for the total cost of the Repair, when it is a Manufacturing Fault?

    Most genuine manufacturing faults will occur very early in the life of the product. Once the warranty is over, it is then the responsibility of the customer to pay for the repair.

    Are there any parts that are excluded from the warranty?

    The following Spare Parts are not covered by warranty because they are subject to natural wear and tear over the life-cycle of a product's use:

    Blades | Spool Covers | Nylon Line | Cables | Belts

    Can you send a motor direct to me under the Warranty?

    Unfortunately not. Our Authorised Service Agents are trained and qualified personnel, who, when repairing the product, carry out electrical safety tests (flash tests). If a qualified person does not fit the part, the warranty will be void.

    By sending electrical parts direct to the customer, we cannot ensure that the part will be fitted correctly, and that it will be safe to use.