What To Do If Your Trimmer Line Breaks?

We love switching on our grass trimmers when the weather is nice to do a spot of garden maintenance and it’s really annoying when suddenly our line snaps, or our trimmer spool is empty or breaks. Here's what to do if your trimmer line breaks.

People who have owned grass trimmers for decades will tell you that breaking the line on your grass trimmer is something that happens, and is inevitable to happen to all of us over time - but for new homeowners and young gardeners it can be worrying when a product is not feeding correctly. Fear not, an empty spool or broken line is not the end of the world, it is easily replaced and relatively low-priced to do so. 

Top 3 most frequent causes of a line breakage

1) Getting too close

2) Incorrect Parts

3) General wear and tear

Getting Too Close

The most frequent cause of a line breakage is through contact with something in the garden. Usually this is the result of the cutting head being taken too close to objects, e.g. garden stones, paving edges, walls etc. The cutting line must be allowed to rotate freely and the correct diameter and type of line should be used. 


Incorrect Parts

Make sure you’re using a genuine Flymo trimmer line on your product. Frequent line breakage can be down to incorrect parts being used on Flymo strimmers, meaning they’re not approved and often not suitable for the machine. 

General Wear and Tear

Time takes its toll on any good product and as years pass trimmer parts should be replaced especially if you keep your trimmer in the garage or shed through winter months where cold temperatures affect the nylon line, making it brittle and hard. 

Top 3 tips to avoid a broken line

1. Clean it – Although it can be tedious, like most products the cleaner they are the better they will perform. A freshly cleaned grass trimmer will perform noticeably better than a dirty one. When you leave your product over a long period of time without cleaning, dirt and cutting debris can easily build up in the head and clog up the line-feed mechanism.

2. Use plenty of trimmer line – Make sure to keep plenty of line on your grass trimmer and don't worry that your line is too long – most Flymo trimmer heads have an edge that will cut off any excess line so that it's the optimum length.

3. For peace of mind, always ensure you use Flymo Genuine Replacement spool and line.

Where Can I Get a Replacement Part?

Using Genuine Flymo replacement parts guarantee the best performance for your trimmer. Our Genuine parts give you the best product performance and you can find them here or on the Offical Flymo Spares Shop,or at a certified Flymo dealer. To find your nearest Flymo dealer, use the dealer locator and enter your postcode.

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