Speedi-Mo 360VC

Lawn mowers

Find the perfect lawn mower for you and your lawn. Our range includes hover mowers, traditional rotary lawn mower and robotic lawn mowers that cut the grass for you so you don't have to.

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Grass trimmers

Trim the edges of your lawn with a Flymo grass trimmer for a neat and tidy finish. Electric and battery cordless grass trimmers are available.

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Leaf blowers

Remove leaves and debris from your lawn and surrounding property the quick and easy way. All Flymo leaf blowers can also be turned into garden vacuums to pick up the leaves too!

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Join the Flymo Gardening Club

Receive hints and tips on how to take care of your lawn and garden for free. As a member of the Flymo Gardening Club, you will receive occasional e-mails with practical gardening advice, exclusive offers and the latest news from Flymo.


Lawn & Garden Advice

Mowing the lawn

Lawn care calendar

Learn what to do and when to take proper care of your lawn.

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Hedge cutting

Jobs in the garden

Learn what to do and when in your garden.

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Laying turf

How to lay turf

The ultimate guide on how to lay new turf and take care of it.

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Equipment buying guides

Buying guides

These guides help you find the right tool for the right job.

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Yellow grass

Cure for yellow grass

A problem with many causes and easy fixes.

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Striped lawn

Everything you need to know about grass

I bet you didn't know that there were that many different types of grass.

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How to water the lawn

How to water your lawn

Like all living things, grass needs water.

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Uses for fallen leaves

Uses for fallen leaves

Leaves have many great uses - don't let them go to waste.

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