Flymo EasiCut Cordless 500

Article number: 966761362
The most powerful cordless hedge trimmer in the FLYMO range. The FLYMO EasiCut Cordless 500 is powered by a single 24V battery which provides enough power to operate the cordless hedge trimmer for up 75 minutes. The battery in this hedge trimmer is interchangeable with other FLYMO products of the same voltage allowing you to extend the run time if required. This lightweight hedge trimmer has a unique wrap round handle, designed for convenient handling. Its dual action cutting blades cut the foliage of the hedge or bush more cleanly than single action blades, providing a tidier, nicer finish. The cutting blade of this cordless hedge trimmer is fitted with a blade protector that protects the user from kickback when the blade hits the floor when cutting close to the ground. The FLYMO EasiCut Cordless 500 comes with a single 24V battery and battery charger.
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Product specification


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Draadloze vrijheid

Draadloze vrijheid om te bewegen

EasiCut Cordless 420/500

Krachtige motor

Krachtige motor voor perfecte snijprestaties.

EasiCut Cordless 420

Veelvoudige handgrepen

Meerdere ergonomische handvaten voor meer controle en meer comfort.

EasiCut Cordless 500

Met 2 handen te gebruiken

Met 2 handen te gebruiken voor meer veiligheid

EasiCut Cordless 420


Licht gewicht om comfortabeler te snoeien.

EasiCut Cordless 500

Double action blades

Double action blades for a faster, neater finish.

EasiCut 500CT

Inclusief batterij oplader

Inclusief batterij oplader



Tandmes opening
16 mm
50 cm


24 V
Accu capaciteit
1.6 Ah
2.9 kg