Trimmer Head Cap FLY060

Item No. 505513590
3.6 out of 5 Customer Rating

Compatible with:
- Mighti Trim
- Contour 500 XT / Power Contour 600HD
- Power Trim 500 XT / Power Trim 600HD
- Contour Power Plus Cordless
- Sabre Trim
- Contour 500E/650E/700
- Power Trim 500/700
- Mini Trim Auto Plus / Mini Trim Auto Plus XT
- Contour Cordless 20V Li

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The genuine Trimmer Head Cap from Flymo fixes your spool & line in the correct position. Furthermore it protects your spool from dirt and grass clippings, which ensures low maintenance and a long life-time for your device. When your trimmer spool is empty, the detachable head cap is easy to remove.

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