FLY090 Comfort Gardening Gloves - Medium (size 10)

Item No. 577616590
4.9 out of 5 Customer Rating
Comfortable and protected hands for every task in your garden, these gloves protect and look great too. Innovative coatings on the finger insides guarantee a non-slip hold. Shock-absorbing pads in the glove palms give best comfort. Ideal aid for planting flowers and removing weeds, or when using hedge trimmers and other gardening tools. If you want to use your smartphone or tablet while you are gardening, this is no problem at all. The tips of the index finger and thumb are smartphone-enabled, so there's no need remove your gardening glove to use your device.
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Touchscreen Fingertips
The touchscreen tips of the thumb and index finger allows you to operate a smartphone or tablet without taking off the glove.


Thorn Protection
Robust materials in the palms and on the fingers protect against injuries when working with shrubs and thorny plants.


Safety & Comfort
Synthetic leather in-between the thumb and index finger allows for a safe, non slip hold on your tool. While the robust and adjustable cuff also offers sturdy protection for the wrist.


Foam Padding
Shock-absorbing pads in the glove palms and knuckles guarantee functional wearing comfort


Flexible Material
Flexible stretchable spandex material back of the hand gives the glove a perfect fit. Available in sizes M and L.