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Lawn Care Advice

Hints and tips on how to get a beautiful green lawn this summer. From tackling common lawn diseases to how to cut the grass properly, Flymo is here to help with easy, practical advice on taking care of your lawn.

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The Seasoned Gardener: Lawn Care Tips For Each Season

As with most gardening tasks timing is very important. With every season comes a unique set of tasks which you need to keep on top of to keep your garden looking its best.

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Growing pains: the grass seed you need for your lawn

We all long for a luscious, pristine lawn but sometimes everyday maintenance like watering and mowing just isn’t enough to tackle tricky problems such as brown spots and grass disease.
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How To Cut Grass Right Up To The Edges Of Your Lawn

If there is one thing that spoils a beautiful cut lawn it has to be ragged and untidy lawn edges – especially if you have an eye for attention to detail!
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How to Organically Fertilise your Lawn

Keeping your lawn well fed is a very important part of the overall care throughout the year. By using a fertiliser you can ensure your lawn keeps its healthy, deep green colour and generates a thick grass covering which can help to prevent weeds from growing.
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Everything you need to know about grass

The grass in your garden is pretty impressive when it comes to durability. That’s why many of us can fall into the trap of thinking the grass on our lawns will look after itself but it’s more complex than it may seem.

Grass maintenance can vary depending on the type of grass in your garden as well as elements such as temperature, sunlight and moisture. Grass disease can also strike and unfortunately, there is more than one type to contend with.

To help you protect, maintain and enjoy your lawn we have put together the ultimate guide to grass designed to answer the most commonly asked questions…

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The Ultimate Guide to Laying Turf

If you’ve decided to give the garden a bit of an overhaul and lay down some new grass, or perhaps extend the area of greenery in your outdoor space, you’ll find laying turf can be a quicker and more instantaneous way to transform your garden compared to sowing grass seed. For those who are unsure quite where to start, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to laying turf – from preparation, right the way through to aftercare.

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Common lawn care pests and how to deal with them

Lawn pests come in all shapes and sizes, and can cause a range of problems for you and your garden. It’s easy enough to spot dying patches of your lawn but not always as easy to work out who the main suspect is. Here, we give our top tips to addressing your peeve points and delivering a suitable sentence to send pests packing!

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The ins and outs of aerating your lawn

Aerating your lawn is essential if you want to have a healthy, green lawn all year round. It’s quick and easy to do, and will make sure your other lawn maintenance activities are worth all the hard work and effort.

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Lawn Care Calendar

Getting a great looking lawn all year round requires only a little knowledge and a small amount of hard work.
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