Jobs to do in the garden in June

The weather is getting warmer and your garden is in full swing, which means your plants, flowers and lawn need some extra special attention.
Welke Rosen

Watering your lawn

This is essential when the weather is drier and warmer. In June, the grass is growing at its fastest rate which means, your lawn may need mowing once or twice a week to keep it tidy and in great shape. It is also possible that the lawn requires watering, and when you do this – ensure you water occasionally and deeply. Doing this will encourage the grass to root deeply, which will reduce the need to water your lawn. This is a more efficient way to water the lawn, instead of watering daily as less water is lost via evaporation.

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Looking after your flowers

June can be a really lovely month because the mad rush to get everything planted has passed, and your plants should be growing well. Now is the time to really tend to them and look after them – for example, if you have roses June is the month they are at their peak.

When you are wanting new blooms you should snap off just below the head. This is thought to make new blooms appear much quicker than the classic method of cutting just above the rest.

One constant task which re-occurs is dead-heading. Your hanging baskets, borders and beds will need dead-heading and occasionally feeding with a liquid feed.

Harvesting home grown veg

If you have any lovely fresh vegetables which have grown, June is the perfect month to start to harvest them. Especially beetroot, broad beans and baby carrots! After your hard work, it’s time to harvest and enjoy in a nice summery salad.

Jobs to do in garden - carrots june
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