Keeping Wasps out of the Garden

There’s nothing worse when trying to enjoy a BBQ with family and friends than constantly having to fend off annoying pests. Wasps are the most annoying and can be a huge distraction as well as leaving a nasty sting. The sting can lead to problems if it causes an allergic reaction. Wasps will often will build nests in areas close to your house or even in the house.

It may surprise some people to hear that wasps are actually good for the garden as they act as a natural pest control. Wasps flying close to the ground are probably looking for food in the soil. They will eat insects that themselves that can be an annoyance or that may cause damage to your garden. They also pollinate plants but not quite as effectively as bees do. Similarly, they are attracted to nectar which does stick to their bodies meaning they can transfer it from flower to flower. However, if you wish to keep them away from the garden we have compiled a few ways in which you can keep the pesky insects out of the garden:


As well as being attracted to flowers, certain plants will keep wasps away. They tend to be lured in by sweet-scented plants but there are scented plants that will help to repel them. Spearmint, Thyme and Eucalyptus are three plants that wasps strongly dislike. Planting these plants in the garden may deter wasps from visiting.

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Clearing Rubbish and Waste

In the summer, wasps will target protein eg. meat. If you’ve had a barbecue or dinner in the garden, make sure to clear away all leftovers and food dropped on the floor as this will attract them to the garden and potentially into the house. Leaving food out on the floor could also attract other unwanted intruders like ants.

Wasps can be attracted to bins. Make sure not to leave rubbish, food source for wasps, lying around outside of bins. Make sure the bin lids for general and garden waste are tightly closed. Not only is it likely to smell, wasps will come looking for food.



Repair Holes and Cracks in the Wall

Simple things like keeping your house in good condition and well-sealed can keep wasps at bay. They will often look for small holes and crevices to build nests which is the last thing you want. If a wasps nest has appeared in or around your house you should not approach it unless wearing protective equipment. There are methods to get rid of wasps nests but it may be best to contact a professional before attempting to remove it.

Avoid Killing Wasps

You should try to avoid swotting wasps, especially inside the house. Dead wasps release pheromones which can attract others so try to release them back outside. Even by killing one wasp it could bring many more after that.

Wear Red Clothes

Wasps can’t see the colour red so are not attracted to it. Consider wearing red clothes when enjoying your garden in summer. They are much more attracted white and yellow clothes research has found. Certain fragrances and perfumes can also attract them.