How To Change The Cutting Blade On The Flymo UltraGlide

Changing the cutting blade on the Flymo UltraGlide


To remove the fan bolt, hold the fan firmly with a gloved hand and with a 13mm spanner, loosen the fan bolt by turning it anti-clockwise.

Once loosened remove the fan bolt, washer and fan.

To fit the fan to the shaft, re-assemble the fan bolt through the washer and the fan, hold firmly with a gloved hand and tighten the fan bolt firmly with a spanner but do not over tighten.

We recommend you use only Genuine Flymo replacement parts. Details of where these are available can be found on

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UltraGlide Left Facing with Cable
Power 1800 W
Cutting width 36 cm
Cable length 12 m
FLY063 36cm Hover Mower Blade
FLY063 - Metal Blade 34-40cm