We Meet Leadership And Business Coach Helen Packham

    From designers and architects to ethical entrepreneurs, the Flymo Lawn Lives interview series gets to know the stories behind the people who started inspiring ventures from their back gardens. This month, we met leadership coach Helen Packham whose garden features in her day to day work life… 

    Tell Us About Your Business?

    I’m a leadership and business coach for online entrepreneurs. I help them to get recognised as experts and win more business. I specifically focus on helping them to stand out as a leader in their field, build a following and share their ideas through virtual and public speaking. 

    Why Did You Start Your Business?

    I started my business because I didn’t feel able to continue my senior role in corporate leadership development after having my first child. I was diagnosed with post-natal anxiety disorder and lost my confidence for a while. Once it came back I wanted to find a way to still use my corporate skills to serve a new market, whilst having the flexibility to do the pick-ups and drop offs at school, and grab a nap during the day to keep up with my very nocturnal son.

    I discovered the online coaching industry, and that there were people all over the world that needed my knowledge and expertise. I realised that I could help people by running online coaching and training programmes, no matter where they were in the world. I haven’t looked back since and my business has gone from strength to strength. 

    What Has Been The Highlight So Far?

    My biggest highlight has been my TEDx talk. In January last year I put those three red letters on my vision board as a challenge to myself to stand on a stage (after losing my confidence the thought of doing something like a talk, let alone a TED talk would be the last thing I would ever want to do!) In October last year that dream came true. I spoke to 1500 people about my journey and how motherhood impacted my confidence and career. It was one of the best experiences of my life and the feedback has been incredible. 

    Describe Your Dream Garden

    My dream garden would capture great memories from my childhood. It would be wild, it would have a stream (ideally big enough for a kiddy to go down in a boat!) some leafy areas that would make great dens, a hammock slung between two tall trees, and loads of birds and wildlife.

    Are You Inspired By Your Garden Space?

    Absolutely, although I wouldn’t say I am green fingered, the connection with nature really grounds me, gives me calm and peace in my hectic and busy life and provides many creative ideas for my business.

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