Flymo Blog #3 - Robotic Lawnmower Review

    Robotic Lawnmower vs Skinny Jean Gardener

    When Vince first came into my life I wasn’t sure how I would feel about him. He sort of just turned up and started taking over. Doing that one thing that I felt was a bit of a chore, but the one job I was in charge of. He came along, started showing off and showing me up whilst keeping the garden looking neat and tidy. Before I knew it he had become part of the family, my daughter Olive would regularly talk about him around the dinner table, and even my wife took a liking to him. 
    Of course I’m talking about my Flymo robotic mower which I got around April last year - I thought I'd share how it has changed my life in the garden forever. 

    You see, as much as I didn’t have a massive problem with mowing my lawn, it was something that did get in the way of me being able to potter around with other bits in the garden. During the summer months I’m usually away a lot for work, and the lawn can get quite long, which on my return will then take quite a bit of time to sort out before I get my hands on anything else in the garden. So, when Vince (I can’t really remember why we called him Vince, I can only imagine it was Olive’s idea) came along everything changed. 

    All of a sudden, I was away for a week and return to a neat and tidy lawn and a garden that looked awesome. That’s the thing with gardens if you want an instant trick to get the garden looking great then you cut the lawn, but with Vince, I was waking up every morning thinking “this is amazing!”. 

    To begin with my neighbours were quite impressed by my dedication to keeping the lawn looking great. Vince was hidden up in the corner of the garden and only really came out in the evenings, so my reign as street 'King Gardener' continued, and slowly jobs that were always on the ‘to do list’ started to get done. In fact, I’d go as far as to say my productivity in my garden doubled in a year, mainly down to Vince, and now he’s moved in. I’m not sure if I’d go back to getting my lawnmower out. 

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    That said the other week I did just that. Vince had been away for winter, not on holiday in Spain or anything, he just had a cosy trip to the garage, but it was the first cut of the year and I hadn’t been out in the garden a lot, and I just had this urge to get out there with my hover and cut the grass. It was bliss, and was actually really relaxing. That smell of fresh cut grass, and that satisfaction of slowly seeing you grass get cut and that time well spent doing it. Vince had taken this away from me. 

    And that got me thinking… do I still like Vince? Should he remain a family member? Or shall I go back to my traditional lawnmower? As you can imagine, it was a difficult decision that I spent many hours debating. 

    You’ll be happy to know Vince stayed. 

    But why I hear you ask? Well because Vince gave me TIME. He, I know it’s weird me talking about him like a person, but I'm not a massive animal lover, so my daughter treats him like a pet, handy because we save a fortune on pet food this way. Anyway, what was I saying, ah yes….so Vince allows me that time to get the other jobs done in the garden, he makes my life easy and for me personally that outweighs the positives from cutting it myself. 

    I suppose it’s all down to the person really. I wanted to get one for my nan, who I usually mention in these blogs, one for her birthday, but she loves cutting the lawn herself too much, and my dad has just got one, although a little reluctant at first, but I just know I’m going to get a text soon saying he loves it! I think he's called his Molly..sure. 

    So, there you have it, my thoughts on Flymo’s robotic lawnmower – it really has changed the way I garden.