Flymo Blog #1 - Skinny Jean Gardener

    So my first blog for Flymo. I am so excited and proud to be working with Flymo in 2020.

    There is a couple reasons for this. Firstly it all started with my Nan. When she moved into her first house the one item she brought was a Flymo lawnmower. When my Mum and Dad got their first house, it was a Flymo lawnmower that came wrapped and ready to take on their first garden. Fly forwards to when I moved into my first home with my wife and guess what we got to tackle the grass? You got it!.. A garden gnome. I joke, of course it was a Flymo. Even though my daughter is only 4 years old, I know that first home, with that lawn growing long will have a Flymo running over it in no time. That said, perhaps I’m looking a little too far into the future. 

    The second reason is even though I’ve been on TV as the CBBC Blue Peter gardener, flown to Japan to represent the UK with a show garden and author of a fab children’s book, 'How to get Kids Gardening'... available now, the only time my Mum and Nan have only been impressed by what I do is when I walked through the door to tell them I’m going to be an ambassador for Flymo. So it’s a win in the Connelly household. 

    Before there was ever Skinny Jean Gardener, a podcast or even before I was a gardener, without me knowing Flymo had been part of our family for many, many years. So that got me thinking. Why? Why has this orange lawnmower been gracing my families sheds since my Nan’s first garden. Quite simply it comes down to three things. Quality, affordability and ease.

    Without a doubt these Flymo machines are quality. I've seen some people online and social media so proud of their Flymo from way back when, they last. And thats what you want really with any gardening product, something that you can grab out of the shed and be guaranteed that it will get the job done. 

    After becoming ambassador for this incredible brand I went up to see where they are made. It’s an incredible operation creating these products that showed me a behind the scenes look of what goes on, and showed me that what we see on the outside as consumers is no mistake. 

    When you first get a home or a garden or even getting in to gardening the cost can be quite high, and you’d think the same would be for such a product like Flymo, but it’s just not so. It’s one of the main reasons I become an ambassador for them. I'm all about making gardening easy and accessible for all. Not putting financial or time consuming barriers up that could possibly stop someone getting out in to the garden. Flymo lawnmowers are a great price, and when you see the results its so worth it. 

    That leaves us with ‘ease’. It’s another one of those things that can stop people from getting out in the garden, getting it done. If a garden tool is not easy to use, then it’s not going to be used. Flymo’s are designed to cut the lawn without a fuss, plus they even have thought about storage so it doesn’t take up too much room in the shed! Now that's what you want!

    So overall they are making it easy to care for your garden so you don't have to worry about it. Having a family is all about spending time together, getting outside and enjoying the space you've got. So anything that makes that space look better without too much stress is a winner for me and my family. 

    Family. That sums up exactly what Skinny Jean Gardener is all about, bringing family together, and thats exactly what Flymo does too. 

    So yes, I'm so excited that Flymo are now part of The Skinny Jean Gardener Podcast where I'll be be having lots of gardening fun over there talking about how to get families outside in the garden, how to care for your lawn and some pretty great competitions too. Go give it a listen! 
    Plus we've got some rather exciting events coming up over the year too. 

    I'll be blogging my thoughts monthly right here, so be sure to come back and see what I'm thinking.”