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    How Powerful Does My Lawn Mower Need to Be?

    Choosing the right lawnmower can be a very tricky process. There is a seemingly endless range of different machines on the market today with varied features, power outputs, shapes and sizes. Choosing the wrong machine can mean giving yourself more work than is necessary but getting it right can make cutting your grass a doddle.

    If you do need to invest in a new machine it can be difficult to know where to start. Thankfully these hints and tips on choosing the right machine for your lawn will help demystify the situation.

    Size Up

    The main consideration you need is to understand the size and dimensions of your lawn. This will be the biggest indicator of the type of lawnmower you will need so it’s important to understand what you need to look out for.

    Size of your garden
    If your lawn is small it is unnecessary to have too powerful a lawnmower. The extra power will only affect your wallet and will cost you more than you need. You could do just as good a job with a significantly cheaper and smaller machine, and you also won’t be spending too much time cutting the lawn so you don’t need anything too fancy.

    An electric power is perfect for smaller gardens and it will provide just as much cutting power and will be cheaper to run, easier to store and easier to maintain each year. The battery powered Flymo Mighti-Mo is perfect for gardens up to a tennis court size (roughly 250m2) as its battery will be able to last for the whole lawn and the cutting box will be big enough to carry everything in one go.

    For anything bigger you may require something more substantial just to make the grass cutting process easier. Petrol machines will typically be more powerful than their electric counterparts and this really helps when you are dealing with larger gardens as it can make light work of the extra distance. Electric and battery powered machines would still have enough power to handle larger lawns but the cable length and battery capacity may rule them out for your lawn.

    Of course if your lawn is up to 400m2 you will find it even easier with a robotic lawnmower. The Flymo 1200R robotic mower can work independently so you don’t need to even cut the grass yourself. Once you have laid a boundary cable you can leave your machine to do all of the work for you while you enjoy the more important things in life. It can even handle slopes of up to 25% so you don’t have to have a completely flat garden.

    Climb every mountain
    If you do have a garden with significant hills you will need a more powerful machine to be able to get up and down with minimal fuss. You may also need one that has an assisted drive, which you typically see on the higher end machines to get over the hill as easily as possible. If your lawn is particularly large you may find it easy to conquer your garden with a ride on mower that can not only handle the size of your garden but will also make short work of any hills that you may have to tackle.

    Other Considerations

    It isn’t just the power that you need to think about when you are looking to buy a new lawnmower. Though this does play an important role, you also need to consider:

    When your machine isn’t in use you will obviously need to find somewhere to store it. If you have limited outdoor space, it will typically mean the storage space will be at a premium. You don’t want to take up all of your shed space with an unnecessarily large lawnmower. A lot of lawnmowers have features that can help with storage however it will still be an important consideration. Electric mowers can be hung up on the walls to save space, something that will not be possible with petrol machines.

    Petrol machines cannot be hung up on the walls because any residual petrol or oil will seep into the engine, which can cause problems. Some petrol lawnmowers come with a ‘mow-and-stow’ feature that allows the machine to be folded up to help with storage.

    Cutting deck & grass collection
    The size of the cutting deck is a very important point that you will need to think about when you are looking to purchase a new machine, as a larger cutting deck will allow you to cut more grass in one go. Larger cutting decks do have their drawbacks, as they are often less manoeverable, which makes them less suited to irregularly shaped lawns. If you have a standard square or rectangle lawn however, the larger the cutting deck the quicker you can get the job done.

    You will also need to consider grass collection; if your lawn is particularly large you’ll need to have a big enough collection box with your lawnmower. Otherwise you will be constantly going back and forth from wherever you are choosing to dispose of your grass multiple times when there may be a better option.